The sweet melody of summer on Lake Garda

Glistening, shimmering waters and long, warm days. Picturesque towns with a proud past and a wealth of artistic treasures. A pleasant, gently temperate weather and a refreshingly cool dip for a reviving experience. The essence of summer on Lake Garda is beauty personified. The blue of the sky and the water are juxtaposed with the verdant green of the meadows in bloom as outdoor experiences are highly sought-after these days. In an effort to “unlock” the world, visitors are in fact heading towards nature: can you think of a better place than Lake Garda? Its many lush gardens, the multitude of active sports it offers, its glorious food and gorgeous landscapes are tempting enough. Will you join us? 

Explore the lake aboard a boat

This is Italy’s largest lake, after all, and you should not miss your chance to discover its hidden corners. A boat is the best way to peruse the vast speck of water far and wide, so why not make it in style? Choose a historic sailboat and feel like a sophisticated sailor in search of adventure. The winds that blow on the lake are a guarantee of an exciting trip; you may explore magic Punta San Vigilio and its quaint harbour, see the sun colouring the water of red and orange at sunset, or look for a secluded cove. Modern feelings for an old-fashioned vessel that offers inspirational adventures. 

If you’d rather take in the thrill of speed, a motorboat will be just perfect, whizzing from one corner to the other, admiring the vastness of a beautiful lake.

Both experiences can be arranged directly from our hotel

It’s SUP time

Water sports are exhilarating, enlivening and work wonders for your soul. The new kid on the block is Stand Up Paddle, known as SUP. Stemming from exotic Hawaii, this practice is the perfect way to train your core muscles and make the most of your days on the water: by gently gliding on the water, a paddle in your hand, you can start by kneeling and then gradually stand up. You could reach places that are only accessible by water, like the Ponale waterfalls, close to Riva del Garda, but also enjoy days out with friends and family, or go on a SUP tour to explore the sublime lakeshores. This is, however, not only big laughs and a good exercise: the newest trend is SUP Yoga. Imagine gently gliding on the water while the sweet waves lull you, your muscles engaged in various movements. Here is a fresh idea for a fabulous day out on the water!

A mountain paradise: Monte Baldo

This is the season of hikes, of close encounters with nature, of wild flowers, resplendent with a vibrant palette of colours, of lovely sunsets and open-air picnics. All this – and more – can be done on Monte Baldo, on the eastern side of the lake.  Did you know 50% of alpine flora is found on this mountain? Time to go and discover it. You could find a trail and hike to the top from Malcesine, experience trail running or take the cable car to reach the summit. The views are just magnificent and you may also experience paragliding, taking in all the immense beauty of the place. Monte Baldo is also the starting point of an exciting adventure: a helicopter ride, certainly the most fashionable way to explore the area. GHFASANO  

Biking and hiking trails of goodness 

Cycling and hiking are great for our bodies and our minds. A renewed sense of freedom accompanied by fun days out: in addition to hiking, road bikes, mountain bikes and e-bikes are all the rage right now and on Lake Garda you could literally ride “left, right and centre”. All around the lakeshores and higher up on the hills, there is simply no end to the numerous exciting trails that combine beautiful scenery and exciting adventures.

You may choose the cycle path between Riva del Garda and Torbole, the one in the Valle di Ledro or the Valtenesi Tour on the Brescia bank. If you love mountain bikes, choose the easy option around the Rocca di Manerba, or the one linking the castles of Desenzano, Pozzolengo and Sirmione. You will find a difficult trail between Salò and Riva del Garda, as is the tour of ancient borghi that connects Magara, Turano and Droane close to Lake Valvestino, in the Brescia inland. 

If you enjoy hiking, you will find countless options, from an easy hike to the Madonna dell’Accoglienza from Malcesine or a longer one to the Rifugio Altissimo in the Monte Baldo group. Wine lovers should not miss a hike along the Bardolino vineyards – for connoisseurs only. 

Delve into history

If you’d rather learn than lounge, there is something right up your street with the many fabulous borghi that can be found on the lake. Seemingly a beauty contest, deciding which one is the prettiest is a tough affair: Limone del Garda with all things lemon-themed, lovely churches and the starting point of a superb cycle path is delightful. Visit Tremosine and its 18 hamlets, then go along and its epic, panoramic Strada della Forra; the  Regata delle Bisse  starts from Cassone di Malcesine, dating back to 1022, a hamlet hosting Italy’s shortest river, Aril, measuring only 175m. Canale di Tenno, to the north, was founded in 1211 and still shows its medieval structure: at 600 m of altitude, sunsets over the lake are delight from here. Gardone Riviera and the open-air concerts at eclectic Vittoriale degli Italiani and its amphitheatre are unforgettable. Not to mention fabulous Andre Heller Garden for close encounters with lovely flower species. 

Verona and the Roman Arena

You cannot beat the feeling of walking into history, as is the case with the many Roman theatres and amphitheatres around Europe: the Arena in Verona has long danced to its own drum and a visit sparks feeling of awe and admiration. Even more so if you pack in a night out at an open-air concert or opera. Combine it with a visit to fair Verona and you’re in for an exciting day. San Zeno and its masterpieces, Sant’Anastasia, San Fermo on the banks of the Adige river and the many other splendid churches, or a gentle stroll along its piazzas and over its bridges, the fabulous Castelvecchio museum and, of course, Juliet’s balcony, to dream a Shakespearean life. 

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